Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Gathering 2009 - In The News, World Records, Disco, Greetings and Aliens

Hyping Up

With under 24 hours until the doors to The Gathering opens there is alot of news on their site and some hype in the media. The Norwegian newspaper VG posted today an article on their website about The Gathering (Norwegian) where they use a pretty nostalgic picture from The Gathering in 2001 (Gogo CRT Screens?). In the article they link to another article where they say the new "Nerd" is a very social one. They also point out that Guinness is going to be present and the hype according to the ticket sales.

Setting the Records

As I allready said Guinness Records Gamers Edition will be present at The Gathering to validate tries and new entries for the book. If you would like to participate or try out for a world record you can see in this article and post in this forum.

Aliens at The Parking Lot

A few days ago it was posted a news article on The Gathering website where they found "strange alien looking vehicles" on the parking lot outside "Vikingskipet". It looks like some people are very eager to get inside and join the fun a bit early. Though the will not be allowed inside until the opening they are willing to wait over 61 hours! You can find their blog here (Norwegian).

Disco Fever

As some of you may have seen The Gathering had a live stream from "Vikingskipet" which they now have turned off to save the suprises. One thing they managed to slip however was a gigantic disco ball getting moved in and now someone have posted a picture about it:

The discussion about this humongous ball and what is going to happen at The Gathering is currently being discussed by the attendants in this forum (Norwegian).

Big Names with Greetings

As I have stated in an earlier post The Gathering had an unpleseant case with the Norwegian goverment last year with VAT/Tax as the subject. The case was won by KANDU/The Gathering and now before The Gathering starts we got a few greetings from three quite renowned people here in Norway. You can watch the greetings below or go here for more information and the greetings.

Harald Zwart - Movie Director

Kristin Halvorsen - Minister of Finance

Trond Giske - Leader of Cultural Affairs

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Gathering 2009 - Planning a Shelf

The Gathering is closing in so me and some friends made up our mind and wanted to build our own shelf this year. The shelf we are going to build is not very flashy and is actually very plain and simple. The reason behind building a shelf like this is because we want to have a place to put our bags and get some extra space by setting our desktop computers a level higher than our LCD screens. We have bought an extra spot as well so we can have 20cm extra space each for our keyboards and mousepads. So in total this shelf will be 400cm x 60cm x 150(?)cm (LxDxH).

This is our sketchup of the shelf.

Click on the picture for a larger view. The details are a bit diffuse but I will come back to it later with a worklog with pictures to show in detail how we will do it. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Gathering 2009 - Ban On Bringing Food

Today the staff of The Gathering announced that the attendants will not be able to bring their own food inside the ship. They also announced that they will have lockers ouside in the sleeping tent for rent so that people who bring food can store it there and eat it outside and in coordinated areas inside later on.

The cause of this is the massive amounts of garbage that the attendants generate throughout the period The Gathering is held and the owners of "Vikingskipet" and the people cleaning it all up is not satisfied with how it has currently been handled.

For the full news, read here at The Gathering's own site!

World of Warcraft - P1mp My Mount

Today Blizzard announced their newest addition for their Massive Multiplayer Online game World of Warcraft, P1mp My Mount. With this excellent addition you as a player will be able to P1mp up our scrawny looking mount and make it look EPIC!

The process of pimping your tired old mount is quite simple. Drop by Zazzber's local Fix-'Er-Up (available in Orgrimmar, Ironforge, and Dalaran with a very special PvP-oriented shop over in the phrigid lands of Wintergrasp) and talk to our resident mount pimp, Zazzber or his high-tech redneck assistant Janie Sue and, for a small fee, they'll overhaul your hauler, tricking your tired old vehicle out into something worthy of the Achievement "Pimp My Mount."

Still not convinced? Then check out some of our insanely satisfied customized-ers!

It used to be that whenever I rode my horse past the Exodar, the other draenei laughed at me. "Silly girl," they'd say, "get yourself a proper elekk!" But now, thanks to Z-dawg's ultimate pimpage, those other goat-heads all wish their mounts were half as fly as this guy!

The other trolls, mon, used to think I was strange for preferrin' my kodo to a raptor. But then my main man, Z, hooked me up with some upgrades to my sleek ride. I've got some shade even under the blazin' beach sun over in Stranglethorn and my kodo? He's pimpin' it out with his superfly hat!

Maybe coming back from the dead changed me; I'll never know for sure. But all I know is that I've always loved my kitty-cat. Sure, the other death knights thought it was a little silly but now I fire up my cat's phat nitro-boosters and blast those death knights on dead horses out of this life!