Monday, October 18, 2010

Cataclysm Opening & Blizzcon Closing In

So Blizzcon is starting on friday this week and I am ready to be informed, amazed and maybe gain some clairty. I am not going there physically though so I have bough the nifty virtual ticket so I can partially join the fun with a couple of friends from my couch.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Medal of Honor - Short and Easy but Partly Satisfying

So after a good while of waiting the game finally released in Europe this week (14.10.2010). I cannot even remember when I pre-ordered it on steam but it was when it first got available. Now I feel a bit empty after playing the single player.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guild Leveling and a few Tier 11 Sets

Crazy workweek almost done so it is time for a post.

I just rerolled Horde (yet again) for the sake of playing with IRL friends (and for troll awesomeness) and now I am excited to get my hands on the coming Guild Mount for the horde, The Kron’Kar Annihilator.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Larísa about the Min-Max Problem

I read a great blog post today written by one of my favorite WoW bloggers Larísa (The Pink Pigtail Inn). In this post she discusses the problem that has been haunting the playerbase in WotLK, Min-Maxing, or as she puts it: “The Phobia of (in)efficiency”.

At Blizzcon last year and the following months during the creation of Cataclysm the playerbase was promised more “fun” and utility talents in their trees. Now that Cataclysm release is closing in on us the forums are getting a good deal of posts relating to this case.

GhostCrawler has answered a lot of these posts and is in a kind of despair because of the constant beating on the case that talent trees are not like Blizzard promised. Players still being able to min-max their talent trees with every talent point available seem to fall in distaste with the playerbase.

This is mainly what the post discuss and you can read the whole thing here: What can Blizzard do to fight the phobia of inefficiency?

Doom is upon us! (On PTR)

Apparently the Doomsayers had some truth in their words and look what happened.
Orgrimmar Burns!

WoW Mobile: Correction

So yesterday I posted about the new WoW Mobile feature, Guild Chat. I also “predicted the future” of the next WoW Mobile app but I was shockingly wrong. The next app was sadly not Peacebloom vs. Ghouls (/cry) but an update for the Mobile Armory app. The update features 3-D models of your characters, activity feeds and optimizations for iOS 4.0. So now you can show off your character in splendid 3-D and view feeds from your and/or other saved characters on your iPhone (and hopefully for Android phones as well in the near future).

Oh well, maybe the next app will be Peacebloom vs. Ghouls. But more Mobile functionality for WoW is sure to come.

WoW Mobile Armory

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WoW News - A Small Roundup

There have been a couple of news since my last post so I thought I could make a collective post. I will also start using jump breaks so I my home page will not get so clutched and big with whole newsposts. So press the "Read More" button below for the whole post. 

"Flying and talking about doomsday in your mobile after drinking the octoberfest ale made by your alchemist is not a good idea."

Peacebloom vs Ghouls, Guild Level 25 Rewards and 4.0.1 Patching


So here I was browsing MMO-Champion and reading the latest updates for the beta and then I found the achievements “Dont' Want No Zombies on My Lawn” (Survive 25 waves on the Endless Mode of Peacebloom vs. Ghouls) and “Bloom and Doom” (Survive 100 waves on Endless Mode the Peacebloom Vs. Ghouls quest.)
My first thought was Plants vs. Zombies but my question was how? For those who does not know what PopCap’s big hit Plants vs. Zombies is, here you have the trailer for XBLA: PvZ for XBLA

Today I got the answer for my suspicions. Here is a video created by TotalBiscuit of the Peacebloom vs. Zombies game in the beta. Apparently it starts out as a regular quest where you have to fend off two regular waves and one massive wave from the “Sludge Fields”. After you have done this quest you can do it again in an “infinite” mode to get the achievements mentioned before. This will be a fun addition to the game in my opinion.
Guild Level 25 Reward

MMO-Champion also posted the Guild Level 25 rewards for both Horde and Alliance. We have seen the Alliance reward earlier but now we finally got to see the Horde one as well.
Here is the video of the Alliance reward:

Sadly there is no ingame video of the Horde reward but here is the model in video format:

The mounts will be available for members of level 25 guilds (with exalted status?) for the price of 1500 gold.

Patch 4.0.1 Background Downloader

Last week I posted something related to the background downloader and the upcoming patch. This weekend the background downloader started downloading a new part of the patch and this one is huge. The first part was on 1,74GB but this one is 4,45GB. That is 6,19GB in two parts and more may come. 

I actually wondered why they are so big but then I remembered that even people who do not buy Cataclysm will get the “new Azeroth” so they have to get the new changes as well. My guess is that most of the content that is in these files will not be available until Patch 4.0.3 which is the world changing event patch according to wowwiki. 

And on a side note. Worgen being their own mount is awesome. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Where did the Whiners and Trolls go?

I found a post by Blizzard’s Nethaera today where he stated this:

“The next major content patch is coming and sets the stage for Cataclysm with many great new changes, updates, and pure epic fun. We’ve packed it to the brim with so many new things that this patch proves to be the biggest one yet. In order to smooth the way”

So let me get this straight. This content patch (4.0.1), which is a PRE Cataclysm patch is packed with more content than ANY other patches? Sounds a bit weird and in my head I saw the trolls storming the post saying something like this:

“OMGWTF! Why are you using so much time and effort with a PRE expansion patch instead of giving us some post ICC content that is more than a single roomed instance!? “

To be honest it stroke my mind as well but I could see the reasons and the biggest of them would be this: Most of the content in this patch was already created with Cataclysm and they are just pulling out segments that people can use pre-launch. I guess this may include things like:
  • Graphics
  • The new troll and gnome starting areas
  • New talents and skills
  • Class changes
  • User Interface changes
  • New glyph system
  • Achievements
  • Guild Changes
This would at least count for a lot of the data in the patch.

Such is my reasoning at least but I know there are a lot of trolls and angry gamers out there and so I looked through the forum post and I was amazed. In the five pages that were posted when I read it, no posts contained any trolling or whining. Not that it is a bad thing since I (and Blizzard) would like a more well behaved and constructive community. But this post is only a drop in the vast ocean that is the forum.  

I am eager to see the full patch note when they release it and I am looking forward to get started with Cataclysm when it launches. I guess we will see this patch in maybe three weeks so my hope for release day of Cataclysm is 4th or 5th of November. According to history it seems that the start of November is what Blizzard is aiming for as well. But I guess we will know for sure at Blizzcon or a date close to it.

Up and Running Again

Been quite a while since I have posted anything here now but now I feel like I want to do some blogging. While writing this one sentence I my mind screwed with me thinking “oh I should write this (wtf is this?) and then post a picture of awesome cat!”. After I found the damn picture and tabbed back to write I had no idea what to write and now I have a picture with nothing to relate it to. Here is awesome cat anyways:

Maybe I wanted to post it because it is awesome that I want to start writing a bit more seriously or something like that. 

If you have been on this blog before you may have noticed that I have changed the layout on the page a bit. I feel it is cleaner now and it has more space for the posts itself rather than other things. I am open to other design options and gladly receive comments with ideas of how to make the page better.

And oh, the theme you ask?

My thoughts about things in my daily life I guess, like most other blogs. Though my life primarily consists of gaming, movies, TV series, anime and LAN. Something my old posts on this blog suggest. Though a good deal of my posts may be about World of Warcraft because I am pretty hyped about the new expansion Cataclysm.

Hope you will enjoy reading my blog.