Monday, October 18, 2010

Cataclysm Opening & Blizzcon Closing In

So Blizzcon is starting on friday this week and I am ready to be informed, amazed and maybe gain some clairty. I am not going there physically though so I have bough the nifty virtual ticket so I can partially join the fun with a couple of friends from my couch.

The program for Blizzcon this year is as always pretty big and have multiple things happening at the same time. The tournaments will be played continually through the convention and there will be a main stage and a development stage with different panels and events. Thankfully you can switch between the different panels and tournaments at will since DirecTV will cover everything. But then rise the question: What will I watch?

You can take a look at the schedule here.

So I should probably make a little schedule of my own since there is so much happening and I want to watch most of the things. I will just have to prioritize. I will at least watch the Diablo III gameplay panel and most of the World of Warcraft panels that appeal to me. And I guess I will watch as much as I can of the Starcraft II tournament.

All in all I am getting really exited to watch Blizzcon this weekend and I advise other Blizzard fans to do the same.

That aside Blizzard released the Cataclysm Cinematic Intro video yesterday (which you can find in the end of the post) which puzzles me a bit since Blizzcon is right around the corner. Not that it is anything to cry over. I just wonder why they released it now instead of making the attendants of Blizzcon go nuts of graphical amazement at one of their WoW stages (World of Warcraft: Cinematics much?). The cinematic itself was very well made as any Blizzard cinematic is but this one had a very epic feel about it. The way they portray Deathwing, his thoughts and how he finally bursts out into Azeroth with pure rage is just so epic and you feel that he is so powerful that  you will get a real beating if you go try to defy him.

I really love the way Blizzard has taken this expansion and I will burst out in joy when the sundering happens and the new content gets available. Wandering the destroyed remains of Azeroth and watching its citizens trying to rebuild while us the brave adventurers go fight the problems. But enough of my thoughts and opinions, here is the Cinematic Intro Video:

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