Friday, October 15, 2010

Medal of Honor - Short and Easy but Partly Satisfying

So after a good while of waiting the game finally released in Europe this week (14.10.2010). I cannot even remember when I pre-ordered it on steam but it was when it first got available. Now I feel a bit empty after playing the single player.

The single player mode of the game had a rather short story play. I am not saying it was bad because it was pretty decent but I got through it on hard in about three / three and a half hours. I was actually expecting to use double that time, at least on the hardest difficulty available. Setting that aside the gameplay itself was as I said pretty decent and the story was not half bad either. I liked the way they kept the story going continually by letting you play a person from the different units so you got the feeling that you were a part of the whole “war”. They managed to make the transitions from character to character feel like a good continuation from where you were and what you just did. 

The scenery was a welcome change of pace. It is not many games where you have this type of scenery with barren mountains and deserts and the graphical design was well done. The weapons looked and had a good variety depending on which part you were on. The only thing I missed was the grenade launcher (may have been on some weapon you could pick up but I did not notice it). I really enjoyed the missions where you used the Barret 50. Cal. Only problem was that on one mission it felt like the bullet dropped (like in real life) but on another it went straight. The wtf moment though was when you actually saw the rifle, damn it was big. You also get to play with laser tagging for some awesome weapons of destruction and an attack helicopter even though you do only control the weapons.

So what can you do after the single player? Well you have two options. You can start with the “Tier One” mode which is some kind of challenges and leaderboard minigame. I only tapped a bit into this gameplay but it seemed like fun. The point seems to be to finish the different maps with the best time/accuracy/grenade kills and other statistics but the main priority seems to be the time limit.

The other thing you can do is to play the multiplayer version of the game. It has four game modes. Team Assault which pretty much is Team Deathmatch. Combat Mission where you have objective based combat and you need to complete one after another. Sector Control which is like Domination in CoD:MW2. The last one is Objective Raid which is a combination of Team Assault and Sector Control. You have three loadouts (character types) that you can choose from: Assault, Special-Ops and Sniper. Each of them has different weapons and attachments and is very varied in play style. The multiplayer gameplay has for me been pretty fun and I will definitely play more of it and I hope some of my friends will join me as well.

All in all the game seems to be worth its price with a decent, but short, single player and a fairly good multiplayer. If I were to give it a rating it would be like this:

Singleplayer: 7/10
Story: 7/10
Multiplayer: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 7/10
Total: 7/10

This would be a pretty decent score. (74 Gameranking Score).

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