Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guild Leveling and a few Tier 11 Sets

Crazy workweek almost done so it is time for a post.

I just rerolled Horde (yet again) for the sake of playing with IRL friends (and for troll awesomeness) and now I am excited to get my hands on the coming Guild Mount for the horde, The Kron’Kar Annihilator.

The new model with the armor looks so damn nice but I am not saying that the alliance mount looks bad either. It is a badass Lion.

The whole idea of the guild leveling they are adding in Cataclysm is really appealing for me and I think it will add new flavor to cooperation and community in guilds. It has for the most part been the goal of a guild to progress through the content and get better at doing it and now blizzard is promoting it more by adding guild levels, guild achievements and a few nice rewards as well. You can look at what the reward for each level the guild gets in this post at MMO-Champion.

But this is what the guild itself gets. You also have the part can buy items from a “guild vendor”. What you can buy is relative to the guilds level and your reputation towards the guild. Little is known about what you can buy from the vendor but at Blizzcon 2009 it was mentioned that you will be able to buy the following:

  • Heirloom Gear
  • Rare Reagents
  • Profession Plans
  • Guild Bank Tabs
  • Vanity Items (Like mounts and pets)
  • Guild Standards

I think Blizzard is moving this in the right direction to promote being in guilds being attractive. But hear me, there will be whining. “I do not want to be in a guild but I still want what guild get. This is discrimination!”. Or something along those lines, probably in a less readable text. But why should guilds not get it? Members of guilds are willing to work as a team to regularly achieve common goals and now they will get a few extra bonuses for it. I am one of those who would like to promote being in guilds because it is interesting to meet new people and/or play with people you already know and it creates a unique community.

Well enough about guilds. Let us take a look at the few models for Tier 11 that Bibi at MMO-Champion worked so hard for:

Note that all of the sets are used by human models.

You can look at the post here. It includes videos of the sets as well.

Now for some comments.

Druid: The druid set actually looks cool with the nice wing shoulders and the lightning and feather effects (yes feather and not weather).  But I prefer the dress over the pants to be honest. It makes the set look more complete excluded the blue female set which looks quite good.

Rogue: What the hell? Is this supposed to be in some kind of setting or something?  Looks like a nice blend of Prince of Persia and Alladin just a lot flashier with its enormous glowing shoulders. Is not the rogue supposed to be easy concealable and stealthy? How the hell can a rogue accomplish being stealthy when you have two small blue suns inside your shoulderpads emitting extreme amounts of light. I know players like flashy stuff but still if I ignore that part there is still the damn turban. What the…

Warlock: One of the classes I favor and that has for the most part had sets that look good since the start. But this set.. What the hell? It looks horrendous. Actually it looks like they gave an Ymirjar a dress and raped the colors. Seriously look at the warlock sets at the Amor Sets page and tell me that it looks just as good for a warlock as the rest of the previous sets they have had. God I miss my Tier 1 and 2 sets.

Bonus, The Warrior Helm: Well.. I guess if you like the Son of Corok mobs (Or any of the Crystal Giants in that color) you would like this. But I don’t think I should make a statement before I see the full set in its fully crystallized form.

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