Friday, September 17, 2010

Where did the Whiners and Trolls go?

I found a post by Blizzard’s Nethaera today where he stated this:

“The next major content patch is coming and sets the stage for Cataclysm with many great new changes, updates, and pure epic fun. We’ve packed it to the brim with so many new things that this patch proves to be the biggest one yet. In order to smooth the way”

So let me get this straight. This content patch (4.0.1), which is a PRE Cataclysm patch is packed with more content than ANY other patches? Sounds a bit weird and in my head I saw the trolls storming the post saying something like this:

“OMGWTF! Why are you using so much time and effort with a PRE expansion patch instead of giving us some post ICC content that is more than a single roomed instance!? “

To be honest it stroke my mind as well but I could see the reasons and the biggest of them would be this: Most of the content in this patch was already created with Cataclysm and they are just pulling out segments that people can use pre-launch. I guess this may include things like:
  • Graphics
  • The new troll and gnome starting areas
  • New talents and skills
  • Class changes
  • User Interface changes
  • New glyph system
  • Achievements
  • Guild Changes
This would at least count for a lot of the data in the patch.

Such is my reasoning at least but I know there are a lot of trolls and angry gamers out there and so I looked through the forum post and I was amazed. In the five pages that were posted when I read it, no posts contained any trolling or whining. Not that it is a bad thing since I (and Blizzard) would like a more well behaved and constructive community. But this post is only a drop in the vast ocean that is the forum.  

I am eager to see the full patch note when they release it and I am looking forward to get started with Cataclysm when it launches. I guess we will see this patch in maybe three weeks so my hope for release day of Cataclysm is 4th or 5th of November. According to history it seems that the start of November is what Blizzard is aiming for as well. But I guess we will know for sure at Blizzcon or a date close to it.

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