Thursday, September 23, 2010

Doom is upon us! (On PTR)

Apparently the Doomsayers had some truth in their words and look what happened.
Orgrimmar Burns!

Orgrimmar is not the only place affected by this horde of menacing Elementals though:
No fear, Wrynn is here!
So yeah. Now Azeroth is being invaded by some really angry elementals and here is a couple of highlights MMO-Champion has provided:
  • Guards will try to evacuate citizens, low level players can also use portals to leave the city before the attack.
  • You first have to barricade Stormwind/Orgrimmar to help defending the city.
  • You will then have to defeat the elementals in all the districts of the city, Orgrimmar is damaged badly in the process and most of the buildings are on fire.
  • After successfully defending the cities, you will get a chance to counter attack by entering the huge portal in capital cities (or using the LFD tool) to fight mini-bosses in 4 different instances.

Underway you get quests for the different objectives mentioned above. The bosses even have loot equivalent to ICC 10 man epics. It looks like Blizzard has done a great job and I think this will be a great pre-expansion event. 

(Random Epic: Amulet of Evil Winds)

So prepare to make Azeroth a safe place again (at least until that special one lingering in our hearts comes and makes a big mess). 

Yeah, he's the one!

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