Thursday, September 23, 2010

Larísa about the Min-Max Problem

I read a great blog post today written by one of my favorite WoW bloggers Larísa (The Pink Pigtail Inn). In this post she discusses the problem that has been haunting the playerbase in WotLK, Min-Maxing, or as she puts it: “The Phobia of (in)efficiency”.

At Blizzcon last year and the following months during the creation of Cataclysm the playerbase was promised more “fun” and utility talents in their trees. Now that Cataclysm release is closing in on us the forums are getting a good deal of posts relating to this case.

GhostCrawler has answered a lot of these posts and is in a kind of despair because of the constant beating on the case that talent trees are not like Blizzard promised. Players still being able to min-max their talent trees with every talent point available seem to fall in distaste with the playerbase.

This is mainly what the post discuss and you can read the whole thing here: What can Blizzard do to fight the phobia of inefficiency?

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