Friday, September 17, 2010

Up and Running Again

Been quite a while since I have posted anything here now but now I feel like I want to do some blogging. While writing this one sentence I my mind screwed with me thinking “oh I should write this (wtf is this?) and then post a picture of awesome cat!”. After I found the damn picture and tabbed back to write I had no idea what to write and now I have a picture with nothing to relate it to. Here is awesome cat anyways:

Maybe I wanted to post it because it is awesome that I want to start writing a bit more seriously or something like that. 

If you have been on this blog before you may have noticed that I have changed the layout on the page a bit. I feel it is cleaner now and it has more space for the posts itself rather than other things. I am open to other design options and gladly receive comments with ideas of how to make the page better.

And oh, the theme you ask?

My thoughts about things in my daily life I guess, like most other blogs. Though my life primarily consists of gaming, movies, TV series, anime and LAN. Something my old posts on this blog suggest. Though a good deal of my posts may be about World of Warcraft because I am pretty hyped about the new expansion Cataclysm.

Hope you will enjoy reading my blog.

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