Wednesday, April 1, 2009

World of Warcraft - P1mp My Mount

Today Blizzard announced their newest addition for their Massive Multiplayer Online game World of Warcraft, P1mp My Mount. With this excellent addition you as a player will be able to P1mp up our scrawny looking mount and make it look EPIC!

The process of pimping your tired old mount is quite simple. Drop by Zazzber's local Fix-'Er-Up (available in Orgrimmar, Ironforge, and Dalaran with a very special PvP-oriented shop over in the phrigid lands of Wintergrasp) and talk to our resident mount pimp, Zazzber or his high-tech redneck assistant Janie Sue and, for a small fee, they'll overhaul your hauler, tricking your tired old vehicle out into something worthy of the Achievement "Pimp My Mount."

Still not convinced? Then check out some of our insanely satisfied customized-ers!

It used to be that whenever I rode my horse past the Exodar, the other draenei laughed at me. "Silly girl," they'd say, "get yourself a proper elekk!" But now, thanks to Z-dawg's ultimate pimpage, those other goat-heads all wish their mounts were half as fly as this guy!

The other trolls, mon, used to think I was strange for preferrin' my kodo to a raptor. But then my main man, Z, hooked me up with some upgrades to my sleek ride. I've got some shade even under the blazin' beach sun over in Stranglethorn and my kodo? He's pimpin' it out with his superfly hat!

Maybe coming back from the dead changed me; I'll never know for sure. But all I know is that I've always loved my kitty-cat. Sure, the other death knights thought it was a little silly but now I fire up my cat's phat nitro-boosters and blast those death knights on dead horses out of this life!

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Skullyboy said...

Too bad this was a April's Fools. I would be an awsome addition to the game ;D