Saturday, March 28, 2009

Uro:Spredere at The Gathering

As some may know the documentary movie "Uro:Spredere", a movie about the file-sharing war, will have it's premier at The Gathering which will open it's doors in under two weeks. Yesterday it was shown as a pre-premier and they had a debate after it was shown. A representative of the music industry, Christer Falch, who is a renowned record producer in Norway showed his thoughts of the case with enthusiasms which you can read in this article (Norwegian).

Here is some of his quotes translated:

"I am sick and tired of working for free"
"We consider from record to record if we are going to bother making and releasing it"
"Filesharers are a bunch of technological freaks which who listen to trance"

This is probably how most of the music business feels these days but from my view it is only the corporate side and not the musicians themselves that have this view of the case.

A while ago the Norwegian hardware news-site had internet meetings with the producers of Uro:Spredere and EFN which is a organization that works for the Norwegian citizen's rights on the internet. You can find the EFN Q&A here and the Uro:Spredere Q&A here (Norwegian).

With this debate going on in at it's fullest now and the premier of the movie being shown at The Gathering it will be exiting to see if the documentary will get the file-sharing case to move from it's standstill with a good debate between the attendants of The Gathering, politicians, the makers of the documentary, representatives from the music industry and more.

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